A Dash of Tweets

Chapter 1: The Period

Long or short, sentences need to be moderated with a stop sign. The period not only moderates, but divides ideas.

Chapter 2: The Comma

Want to add a pause? Don’t be shy, use a comma. Or two. But not right in a row. . . Learn those comma rules or you’ll fail, get embarrassed, trip your reader up, and look silly.

Chapter 3: The Semicolon

Two sentences that bridge your idea can be connected with a semicolon; it shows that some things are too related to be divided with a period.

Chapter 4: The Colon

What’s magical? Colons. They catch readers’ eyes, maybe because they look like smiley faces 🙂

Chapter 5: The Dash and Parentheses

I really love dashes—but that’s just me. (I won’t be offended if you don’t agree, it’s just that I love emphasizing certain things).

Chapter 6: Quotation Marks

Wasn’t sure what to say so I asked my husband. He said, “They probably show when people are talking out loud” #physicsmajors #eyeroll

Chapter 7: The Paragraph and Section Breaks

Paragraph breaks show when it’s time to sit back and digest what you’ve read. Section breaks are a little too much unless you’ve got a killer hook.

Chapter 8: The Question Mark, Exclamation Point, italics, Points of Ellipsis, and the Hyphen

#proceedwithcaution These are careful matters. Overdo it, and you’re tacky.Image result for you're tacky and i hate you


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